New Cushions

A collection of our Newest Cushion Designs.

Including a selection of of new tweed, linen & hessian designs.

All the original drawings are done by in house artist

The cushions are all crafted in our studio from start to finish using the highest quality locally sourced materials.

Unique & Exclusive - Not available anywhere else.

Handmade in the UK 

48 results
' Mr Badger ' Stars Tweed Cushion
' Mr Stag ' Linen Cushion
Chestnut Triple Stag on Hessian Cushion
Chocolate Gazing Hare Hessian Cushion
Couple Tandem Personalised Cushion
Couples Wreath Personalised Cushion
Hare Vintage Floral Lavender Bag
Highland Cow Tweed Cushion
Matching Spectacles Personalised Cushion
Mr Blackbird Tweed Cushion
Mr Fox Tweed Mix Cushion
Mustard Tweed Gazing Hare Cushion
Natural GreyTweed Stag's Head Cushion
Oatmeal Sleeping Dormouse Tweed Cushion
Plum Mr Fox Tweed Cushion
Plum Tweed Bullfinch Cushion
Sold Out
Plum Tweed Chicken Cushion
Sold Out
Plum Tweed Deer Family Cushion
Plum Tweed Funghi Cushion
Plum Tweed Gazing Hare Cushion
Plum Tweed Mr Hare Cushion
Sleeping Dormouse Tweed Cushion
Spring Green Herringbone Tweed Cushion
Spring Green Highland Cow Tweed Cushion
Spring Heather Tweed Cushion
Spring Tweed Bunny Rabbit Cushion
Sold Out
Spring Tweed Chicken Cushion
Sold Out
Spring Tweed Country Cow Cushion
Sold Out
Spring Tweed Lamb Cushion
Sold Out
Spring Tweed Mr Duck Cushion
Sold Out
Spring Tweed Mr Fox Cushion
Spring Tweed Mr Hare Cushion
Spring Tweed Otter Cushion
Spring Tweed Sitting Hare Cushion
Summer Tweed Cow Cushion
Sold Out
Summer Tweed Cushion
Summer Tweed Deer Family Cushion
Summer Tweed Dipper Cushion
Summer Tweed Hare Cushion
Summer Tweed Stag Cushion
Vintage Badger Cushion
Vintage Floral Cow Cushion
Sold Out
Vintage Floral Hare Cushion
Vintage Fox Cushion
Vintage Hare Cushion
Vintage Hare Hessian Cushion
Vintage Hare Linen Cushion
Vintage Stag Head Cushion
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