New Heritage

A Collection of our newest and classic cushions.

This collection features our stunning heritage silhouette cushions along with our new hand drawn designs on tweed and linen.

It also features a range of stylish tweed cushions that beautifully compliment all of our unique designs.

These cushions will will add texture and statement style to any modern or country home.

63 results
Vintage Stag Head Cushion
' Stag's Head '  Hessian Cushion (Chestnut Stag)
Spring Green Herringbone Tweed Cushion
' Country Hare ' Hessian Cushion (Green)
Mustard Tweed Gazing Hare Cushion
Vintage Hare Cushion
Spring Heather Tweed Cushion
Chocolate Gazing Hare Hessian Cushion
' Mr Stag ' Linen Cushion
' Highland Stag ' Cushion (Chestnut, Cranberry & Charcoal)
Spring Green Highland Cow Tweed Cushion
' Chestnut Brown Antler ' Cushion
' Rusty The Fox ' Hessian Cushion (Orange)
Vintage Fox Cushion
Plum Mr Fox Tweed Cushion
' Badger ' Cushion
' Mr Badger ' Stars Tweed Cushion
' Stag and Deer ' Cushion
' Deer ' Hessian Cushion (Brown)
Mr Blackbird Tweed Cushion
' Plum Tweed ' Cushion
' Chestnut Triple Stag ' Cushion
' Blackbird ' Tweed Cushion
Sold Out
Highland Cow Tweed Cushion
Chestnut Triple Stag on Hessian Cushion
' Chestnut Sleeping Fox ' Cushion
Mr Fox Tweed Mix Cushion
' Raspberry Tweed Stag ' Cushion
Natural GreyTweed Stag's Head Cushion
' Rusty The Sleepy Fox ' Cushion
Pheasant Plum Tweed and Linen Cushion
Sold Out
Vintage Hare Hessian Cushion
Oatmeal Sleeping Dormouse Tweed Cushion
' Leaping Hare ' Linen Cushion (Green)
' Natural Irish Linen Hare ' Cushion
Sleeping Dormouse Tweed Cushion
' Cat and Mouse ' Cushion (Charcoal)
' Stag's Head Luxury Tweed Wool ' Cushion
Vintage Hare Linen Cushion
Chocolate and Sand ' Deer Family ' Tweed Cushion
 ' Triple Stag ' Plum Cushion
' Hedgehog ' Linen Cushion
' Cat ' Cushion (Charcoal)
' Cat ' Cushion
' Blackbird ' Raspberry Tweed Cushion
Vintage Badger Cushion
Spring Tweed Mr Hare Cushion
Spring Tweed Mr Duck Cushion
Sold Out
Spring Tweed ' Deer Family ' Tweed Cushion

63 results

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