One Season to Another

By Rustic Country Crafts

Summer is almost over, its time to vacate our gardens and caravans; put away soggy summer seats, paddling pools, picnic baskets, BBQ grills and make a return to the dry, comfort of our living rooms.

 With the darker nights making a return and the days getting a little colder (Albeit dryer if you happen to live in the UK like we do). We have you covered when you decide to turn your home into a cosy autumn themed haven draped with warm autumnal coloured throws and stuffed with comfy cushions.

 Glance at our range of products for even a matter of seconds and you are bound to pick up on our love of autumn. Many of our cushion designs and colours used for both our ranges of cushions and throws are directly influenced by the beautiful scenery of the season.

Autumn Mixed Block Throw / Fern Hessian Cushion / Autumn Plaid Irish Tweed Throw

 Even as a small child my favourite season was autumn. Some of my favourite childhood memories are of going for family walks in the countryside or in the forest amongst the autumn leaves, kicking them high into the air and watching their rich range of golden colours float pass the afternoon sun.

 My siblings and I would often make a game of seeing who could spot the coolest looking fungi. The best being puffballs which we would take turns stomping on, gleefully giggling as a huge clouds of spores exploded all over our shoes. Even now as an adult I cant help myself from kicking piles of leaves or pointing out mushrooms to whoever Im with on a walk, its just part of the fun of autumn.

Throw & Stag Cushion Collection / Raspberry Tweed Stag Cushion /  Pheasant Tweed & Linen Cushion

If you have lived ever near the countryside in the UK, you are bound to have at some point in your life gone blackberries picking. The appearance of blackberries in the dark, green hedgerows all over Northern Ireland is one of the first signs of the turn of the season.

 Near our house are a series of easily accessible fields which we frequently walk through with our dog, each field is partitioned by huge hedges stuffed to the brim with blackberries & sloes. By the time we return home at this time of the year, our fingers are stained a deep purple by the berries and we have enough of them to make multiple blackberry crumbles and a batch of jam & sloe gin!

Country Hare Hessian Cushion / Stag's Head Hessian Cushion / Deer Hessian Cushion

The love of autumn shared at Rustic Country Crafts has led to us having a huge range of products inspired by this most beautiful of seasons. From cushions printed with adorable woodland animals like the Irish hare and deer (Frequently seen in the autumn, due to seasonal habits) to woollen throws dyed with the most stunning leafy reds, and oranges, deep blackberry purples and stormy sky blues.

 As much as I adore nature at this time of year, one of the best parts of autumn is coming home, collapsing into a chair by the roaring fire, with a cup of tea and a book. If you happen to have a snuggly throw to wrap round yourself or some pretty hand-printed cushions to bring a little bit of nature back inside with you, all the better.


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