The Rustic Studio

A behind the scenes look of our studio. A few images of the processes from designing and planning, cushion making, photoshoots right through to dispatch.

Handmade From Start To Finish

All our cushions are made by our make team in our studio

Designing & Planning

One of our favourite parts of the making process is designing the cushions and planning all the materials we will be using for collections

This process can take quite a bit of time

Hand Drawn Designs

A number of our cushion designs are hand drawn by in house artist.

Taking inspiration from the countryside surrounding us the shores of Lough Neagh.


Picking fabrics for the cushions is a something that takes time.

We source all our fabrics and materials from mills within the UK.

Freshly Printed 

A number of our designs are hand printed in our studio using a technique we have been carrying out for 6 years now.

This is another stage of the hand making process we are proud of.


Another part of the make process.

All the cushions are stitched by our make team in the studio. Hard work indeed!

At least the view is good from this part of the studio, looking over the valley.


All our cushions are photographed for the website in our studio by our team.

We edit all the images in house also.

Another process that takes time and planning

Cushions Ready For Dispatch

After the cushions are handmade by the team we have to turn them and inspect they are ready for dispatch.

We take pride in making sure the cushions are 100% ready for dispatch.

Cushions Final Stage

All the cushions are handed over to our dispatch team from the make team.

The dispatch team carefully pack all the orders and begin the dispatch process.

Handmade & Hand Delivered!

Spring Sale

Spring is one of the best times of the year to update and refresh your home.

We have a full range of unique handmade cushions that will add a fresh style statement to any room in the house.

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